Green Blade is Manitoba’s largest full-service lawn care company. From fertilizer to weekly cutting, we are experts in weed control, top dressing and year-round property maintenance. All of our programs are guaranteed to improve the health and appearance of your lawn with quality, friendly service. If our sign is on your lawn, we want your yard to look spectacular!

All Green Blade Lawn Care Programs feature a spot treatment for your first visit to address any weeds that may be just starting in spring. A complete blanket spray over the entire lawn will be performed for both your second and third visits to thoroughly wipe out dandelions and broad leaf weeds when they’re at their peak. Subsequent visits will consist of spot treatments to address any new weeds that should sprout over the balance of your program.

As of 2015, all Manitoba lawn care companies are required to use Fiesta to control broadleaf weeds in Manitoba lawns. Fiesta is a naturally derived, odourless, mineral-based liquid. The active ingredient in Fiesta is iron. When applied to grass, iron generates a deep, rich, dark green colour. Weeds cannot tolerate iron. When applied to broadleaf weeds iron causes the weed to turn black and shrivel up much like a leaf in the fall does. Dandelions begin turning black within hours of treatment. Some broadleaf weeds may take a few hours longer to show signs that they are dying. Fiesta does not control ground covers such as Creeping Charlie. An effective fertilizer program will eliminate Creeping Charlie in the long term. Clover will require multiple applications to achieve full control. Plantain is the only broadleaf weed that is not affected by Fiesta. Plantain should not be present in a healthy, well-maintained lawn. Cutting at the recommended height and performing proper cultural practices will keep plantain out of your lawn.

Fiesta works fast with visible results in both weeds, and improved colour in the lawn, within hours. In order to achieve the most effective broadleaf weed control, Fiesta should be applied as a blanket application over the entire lawn twice in the spring or early summer when weeds are at their peak. Fiesta does not prevent new weeds from sprouting in your lawn over the remainder of the season. Spot treatments are performed through the balance of the year to address any new weeds that may sprout between visits to your property.