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Exactly how much can we expect the cost of lawn care to increase using Fiesta as compared to Par 3, the current herbicide used to control weeds on lawns?

The price of Fiesta is coming down slightly as more municipalities and provinces impose bans on the use of Par 3. At present, comparing apples to apples, the cost of Fiesta is 23x higher that the cost of Par 3. However, as a consumer, one should expect to see a variety of strategies that will be put forth by lawn care companies. Programs that involve spot treatments will ultimately disappoint. This has been verified by the Guelph Turfgrass Institute, members of Landscape Ontario, as well at the manufacturer of Fiesta, Neudorff. In order to achieve proper results, a minimum of 2 applications of Fiesta in the first 30 days of spring will be required, followed by ongoing spot treatments for weeds throughout the remainder of the season. Consumers should expect price increases on the order of approximately 50% over current prices.

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