Fiesta™ is considered a low risk product for use in controlling weeds for cosmetic purposes. It replaces Par 3, used for more than 70 years to effectively control weeds in lawns. Citing possible – though unproven – health concerns, the provincial government has decided to end the use of Par 3 for cosmetic purposes, including residential lawn care, beginning in 2015.

Fiesta™ is a naturally derived, odorless, mineral-based liquid. The active ingredient in Fiesta™ is iron. When applied to grass, iron generates a deep, rich, dark green colour by helping the lawn to break down and utilize nitrogen quickly. However, when iron is applied to certain weeds, the weeds absorbs too much, weaken and dry out. The iron converts into a solid, exploding the weed from the inside out on a cellular level.

Fiesta™ works fast, with visible results within hours. In order to achieve the most effective weed control on lawns, Fiesta should be applied to the entire lawn surface twice at the beginning of the season. 


  • Fiesta™ is SAFE
  • No odour
  • Works fast
  • Controls dandelions very effectively
  • Darker, greener lawn


  • Spot treatments are provided for the balance of your visits and can only be applied to the entire lawn 2x per season
  • Does not control plantain
  • Costs more

“We tried the new Fiesta™ program in 2014 and our lawn never looked better!  It was dandelion-free and the dark green colour was beautiful.” – Janet M.

“I’ve never used the word “luxurious” to describe our lawn before using the Fiesta™ program.  Our lawn was thick, green, and healthy.  The effect has been truly remarkable.” – Shelley Z.