Commercial Services

Making your yard look its best begins and ends with quality services.

Our Commercial division continues to grow on the success of such prominent properties as The Gates on Roblin, The Renaissance Condominium, and Polywest Corporation, to name a few.

Green Blade has the manpower, resources, and expertise to tackle even the largest of properties. From spring clean-ups, to weekly maintenance, to fertilizer and weed control, we can handle it all and make your commercial property the envy of the industry.

“Green Blade provides exceptional service by listening to their clients, training their staff, investing in proper equipment, and caring about what they do. With high standards for both performance and results, your work crews are timely and obviously take pride in their work.”

– Ray Louie, General Manager
The Gates on Roblin


“Green Blade has done an outstanding job, returning our lawn to good health in less than one year. Their knowledge and skill is evident in everything they do, from spring clean up, to weed and insect control, and even adjusting the height of weekly cuttings to match the seasonal conditions. The professionalism and dependability displayed by the entire Green Blade team has resulted in our lawn once again being lush and green.”

– Board of Directors
Renaissance Condominium

We provide commercial property maintenance, please give us a call for details