Our New Weed Control

Your lawn will be greener and darker than ever before!

NEW FOR 2018, ALL GREEN BLADE LAWN CARE PROGRAMS WILL FEATURE A FULL BLANKET APPLICATION OF OUR NEW AND IMPROVED WEED CONTROL. While Fiesta works well under ideal conditions, often times, our lawns can often experience periods of prolonged dry or wet weather over our prairie spring, summer, and fall. Being under pesticide restrictions for some time now, has allowed us to further develop and test improved methods of weed control. These past two summers we invested considerable time and resources into adjusting the volume, concentration, and frequency of our weed control applications. We also coupled those efforts with weed control additives such as adjuvants; sticking agents designed to help liquids stick to plant material, with the goal of designing a better weed control product.

After two gruelling years of testing, we are thrilled with the results. YOU WILL, WITHOUT QUESTION, BE MORE SATISFIED WITH YOUR WEED CONTROL. We were so pleased with our new weed control product, and so certain that our customers would love it as much as we do, that we felt compelled to re-write our guarantee offering our customers the best guarantee in the industry.

Our new weed control works just as fast as ever, but has a longer lasting residual effect. More importantly, it now controls more weeds than ever before. With the addition of adjuvants, the product is able to stick to harder to control weeds longer and better, allowing the product more time to absorb into the weed.

Our applications are now closer together than ever before to insure weeds are knocked out quickly and permanently for as long as your program runs. We are also returning to what was always a trademark of Green Blade Lawn Care; high volume applications. As a customer, you can rest assured you will be getting more value from your high volume lawn care applications, than from any other competitor. One look at our technicians performing your application next season, and we’re certain you will agree that you are getting your money’s worth over our competitors’ rushed, quick sprinkle applications.

We’re so certain you will be satisfied, that we are putting our money where our mouth is with the strongest money-back guarantee in the business.