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Snow Removal

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Thank you for considering us for the worst winter chore there is. We don’t mind at all! Clearing snow is what we do.

In fact, we don’t mind it at all because after 20 years, we’ve gotten awfully good at it. Compared to our competition, we are a monster company. With close to 1,000 driveways and sidewalks to clear, no one clears more snow than Green Blade Lawn Care.

How do we handle so many customers with such ease? Well, for starters, we have a fleet of over 40 vehicles and more than 200 employees on call throughout the winter. We have truck plows, loaders, and we go through up to 600 vinyl shovels each winter. We have state of the art weather technology that allows us to be ready for battle before the first snowflake has even hit the ground. Coordinating this military operation is our main office and staff who have over 20 years of experience dealing with the worst Old Man Winter can throw at us.

How does a snow clearing company grow to almost 1,000 homes? We can tell you it certainly isn’t by accident. With a renewal rate of over 95% every year, we rarely advertise. You can imagine that the majority of new clients are typically neighbours, friends, or relatives of our current customers who have seen, first hand, what kind of service our customers receive in the winter. Every year, without exception, we end up with a waiting list. Our office receives calls for snow estimates every month of the year. Even on the hottest days of summer, we have people inquiring about our snow removal. We’ve grown one customer at a time and every single one of them counts.

Snow clearing can be a challenging business. It can be difficult and expensive and it’s always unpredictable. If you’re considering a snow clearing service, there some very important things to consider.

  • Price. ‘Cheap’ is not slang for ‘excellent service’. When it comes to snow clearing you will, most certainly get what you pay for. Companies offering ‘low’ prices usually disappear when the snowfalls exceed ‘low’ amounts. Do you want to find this out in the middle of winter? Every year, without fail, we hear customers telling the same sad story about paying a guy who, when the going got tough, left them out in the cold, to shovel their own snow.
  • Experience. How long has the company been handling snow removal? When it comes to snow, experience is everything. You cannot handle a 30cm snowfall the same way you handle 3cms. How does a company with one truck manage a snowfall 10x bigger than the average snowfall? When we get a blizzard, we both know that if you go with the other guy, you’ll be counting the minutes, first wondering ‘when’, then wondering ‘if’ you’re going you’ll be getting out today.
  • Reliability. What happens when the company you hired has a breakdown with their only truck? What happens if his staff doesn’t show up for the really big snowfalls? With a fleet of over 35 trucks and as many as 164 employees out clearing snow, you will never even know if we’ve ever had a breakdown.
  • Trust. Green Blade Lawn Care is a well-known, highly visible company. You’ve seen our trucks in your neighbourhood for years. Maybe you’ve seen our ads at a Goldeyes game, at the Iceplex, in your mail, in the Free Press, or on the radio. With close to 1,000 clients to honour, we better mean business when it comes to snow. We have a big reputation to protect and our integrity is on the line with every single snowfall.

Read a copy of our standard snow clearing terms. CLICK HERE

Always looking to improve our snow clearing power, a new piece of equipment has caught our eye. The poor souls who endure massive amounts of unexpected lake-effect snow near the Great Lakes, have developed and new type of snow plow unlike anything seen before. Expanding to a whopping 16 feet, it’s capable of moving 20cms of snow as easily as it clears 2cms and makes quick work of driveways, clearing them bare in mere minutes. Green Blade now has more of these plows than the Grand Forks International Airport which uses them to clear their runways. This isn’t your typical truck plow that leaves your driveway a mess. This plow clears snow so well that airports are buying them so that their runways are clear enough for planes to land. That’s the kind of snow clearing you’re dealing with. We don’t just go to the shovel aisle at Canadian Tire, we talk to airports when we’re looking to invest in equipment, because we mean business when it comes to clearing your snow.

This year, like every other, we’re doing it again. Yup. We’re growing. We can’t help it. It’s so easy for us to grow in the winter. Snow clearing is our most sought after service and we do so little advertising for it. Some years, we’ve actually had to turn customers down. Seriously. Who does that? We had no choice. In order to maintain the high standards we pride ourselves on, we simply have to cap how many customers we were taking on, or risk providing a diminished response time to our other wonderful customers, and that’s something we just won’t do.

We would like to thank you for considering our snow clearing services. We hope you won’t need us this year, but this is Winnipeg, after all. Winter is coming. The only two questions are, ‘How bad will it be’ and ‘Are you ready?’

Don’t risk your snow clearing to someone who might literally leave you out in the cold. Trust in a company that more of your your neighbours rely on than any other company in the business.