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Should I mulch or bag my grass clippings?

Bag! Lawns in Manitoba grow far too quickly to mulch effectively. Mulching too much grass too quickly can lead to a quick build-up of thatch that will in turn, make your lawn more susceptible to stress, disease, and insect infestations.


I simply can’t afford the new, higher costs of lawn care programs. Is there anything else I can do to keep my weeds down?

Absolutely. Weeds are opportunists. That is to say, that wherever a weak or thin spot in your lawn occurs, weeds will take advantage of that space to move in. The best defense is a good offence. Performing proper cultural practices will strengthen your lawn making it thicker and more resilient over time, effectively crowding weeds out. Water deeply (1/2”) and infrequently, but only water after 7-10 days without rain. Keep your lawn cut at 3-4”. 3” in spring, 4” in summer, then back to 3” in fall. Cutting height will have the biggest impact on the health and density of your lawn. Use compost instead of topsoil when top dressing or seeding. Compost does not contain weeds and comes loaded with microbes and nutrients that will feed the lawn for months and even years. Topsoil is loaded with weeds and has far less nutrient value. Seed as early in spring…


My lawn was fairly weed-free last season. My lawn care provider says they can easily keep my weeds under control with spot treatments. Shouldn’t that be enough?

The dramatic increase in the cost of weed control has led to fewer homeowners maintaining their weeds. The City of Winnipeg has also dramatically scaled back their weed control program, resulting in an explosion of weeds throughout the city. While spot treatments may hold back the tide of weeds for the latter part of the summer when weeds growth is slower, spot treatments will not keep up with the sheer magnitude of the wave of weeds we now see each spring.


My lawn was ravaged by Chinch Bugs last summer. Will insecticides be banned as well?

I have been informed, by a source within Manitoba Conservation, that the emphasis on the ban will be on “cosmetic” pesticides, and that they do not view insecticides within the realm of this classification. At present, they assure me that insecticides will not be included in the ban.