Green Blade and Winnipeg Humane Society have joined forces!

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Green Blade and Winnipeg Humane Society have joined forces!

Green Blade is now the official lawn care resource to the Winnipeg Humane Society. Green Blade will also be regularly supporting Winnipeg Humane Society initiatives. This summer, Green Blade will be sponsoring the Winnipeg Humane Society Paws in Motion. Watch for upcoming connections on the Winnipeg Humane Society website and social media! Be sure to post your pet pic to our Winnipeg Humane Society Pet Pics Page found above!

Green Blade donates $5,000 to Cruisin’ Down the Crescent!

Green Blade will once again sponsor this summer’s Cruisin’ Down the Crescent taking place Sunday June 13th in support of the Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation. It’s just another small way we’re helping CRF to purchase items like custom -built bikes and sport wheelchairs, as well as fund inclusive recreation programs from summer camp to cooking clubs. Just doing our part to bring joy to countless children living with disabilities.

Green Blade Q & A

Q I’m on a limited budget. What would be the best way to invest in my lawn without breaking the bank? A To get to an amazing, beautiful, healthy lawn, your lawn needs to be de-thatched so it can breathe and flourish, watered, cut, fertilized, treated for weeds, aerated, and top dressed with nutrients. However, some of these tasks can be done with some good old fashioned elbow grease to off set the cost. A good thatch rake is inexpensive but you will need to invest some back-breaking time removing all the dead debris from the lawn. While a daunting task, it is enormously important as it pays huge dividends in making everything else you do to work most effectively. A poorly raked lawn can ruin your lawn for the entire summer and waste your efforts. An inexpensive lawn mower can cut just as well as an expensive one. The…

$5 A Day To Feel Warm And Fuzzy?

SPRING IS FINALLY HERE and as you read this, I’m betting the sound of leaf blowers can likely be heard clear across the city as we all dust o the grit of winter to uncover the colour in our yard and await the first spring rain to rinse everything offand officially get things growing. I can’t wait to take a deep breath outside during the first spring rain. That smell of the first fresh rain triggers such a sense of joy, happiness, a new beginning; it’s energizing! One of the first things many of us do on the first days it is warm enough, is take a stroll or bike ride through the neighbourhood. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is or even what neighbourhood or city we live in, we are all curious human beings and we are always looking around, and what catches our attention are…

Do You Use a Lawn Care Service?

THE LAWN CARE landscape (no pun intended) has changed drastically in the past two years with the introduction of a bylaw implemented by the previous NDP provincial government, restricting our options for weed control. The bylaw, implemented in January of 2015, was the biggest change the lawn care industry has seen in over 70 years. Until two years ago, things were pretty stable in Manitoba with about five major lawn care providers dominating the industry. These five were relatively stable with very minimal shuffling going on in the top ranks. But the introduction of the new pesticide bylaw has forced everyone in the industry to re-engineer their companies and re-imagine how they’re going to move forward or, in some cases, how they’re even going to survive. Under the bylaw, everyone in Manitoba, lawn care providers and homeowners included, have only one option to treat weeds. The only product we can…

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