Pet Owners

Pets are like one of the family and their health and safety are important to us.

All Green Blade Lawn Care products are 100% safe for people, pets, and the Environment. After all, we are pet owners as well!

Unless you are a weed or an invasive lawn insect, you have nothing to fear. It’s a valid concern but could you imagine if our customer’s pets were getting sick all over Winnipeg? Could you imagine if squirrels, rabbits, and birds were dropping dead all over our customer’s lawns? We’d be out of business pretty quickly. But we understand your concerns and we are vigilant about the safety of our staff, our customers, your pets, and the environment.


All of the products we use are federally regulated.

Our proprietary fertilizer is made in Canada of all-natural ingredients. Our fertilizer is made up of minerals and nutrients mined from the earth. They are mixed and proportioned to provide your lawn with the best possible diet of nutrients to achieve maximum colour, growth, and health. Nothing in our fertilizer presents the slightest risk to your pet.

Our weed control and insect control products are also completely safe. Like our fertilizer, our weed control and insect products are also naturally sourced. In order to register a pesticide for use in Canada, it must first go through up to ten years of testing at a cost of millions to the manufacturer. Getting a new pesticide approved in Canada is now more difficult than getting new medicines approved. It’s also critical to note, that with today’s emphasis and focus on the environment, manufacturer’s have rapidly gravitated away from higher risk, broad impact products to lower-risk, species-specific products. While these new products come with a significantly higher cost, they are much safer and far more environmentally responsible.

Most importantly, the lawn care products brought to and applied to your lawn are not applied in a concentrated form. These products are heavily diluted in water and pose virtually no risk to people or pets at all. There would be some risk and cause for concern if you or your pet accidentally ingested these products in their concentrated form, and even then, only a cause for concern, but the product being brought to and applied to your lawn is incredibly safe.


Green Blade Lawn Care has always exclusively used liquid-based products and for very good reason. We live by a very important saying when it comes to our lawn care products; “ON THE LAWN, WHERE IT BELONGS!” Our staff go through vigorous training and because we perform over 30,000 applications each summer, our staff become extremely experienced extremely fast. Our staff are easily the most experienced in Manitoba.

Using all liquid products, we are able to apply directly to the lawn. Besides being more effective and less wasteful than granular products, a liquid product can be applied directly and exclusively where it belongs and where it’s needed. If you’ve ever had an application of granular fertilizer, you’ve no doubt discovered that it ends up everywhere; in your flower beds; on your sidewalks and driveway; on the street; and in other places it wasn’t meant to go. Not only is this wasted product, of greater concern is the possibility it can be picked up by curious children, licked up by pets, or washed down storm drains into our waterways. Fertilizer is salty. While a child or pet would have to ingest quite a bit for there to be any concern, it can cause some oral discomfort and sensitivity. This risk is eliminated by using all-liquid products.
Liquid applications dry quickly, usually within 30 minutes depending on conditions, and the product cannot be wiped off once dry. If your pet were to ingest any product by eating some grass, the chlorophyll in the grass plant would be of far greater concern to cause oral or digestive issues.


The products used by lawn care companies are made of minerals, nutrients, and compounds that humans and animals cannot metabolize. This means that if they were to be ingested or swallowed, they would pass through the body without being broken down and absorbed by the body.


This is no cause for panic. If your pet has walked on a wet, freshly treated lawn, simply wash your pet’s paws with some hand soap and water. If your pet has or is eating the lawn, again, there in little cause for concern. Keep an eye on your pet and keep it from continuing to eat the grass. Give your pet some water. Take your pet for a walk if your lawn was recently treated and if you are concerned they will continue eating the grass.


Did you know that almost every lawn care company will call or email you ahead of time to be sure you know when they are coming? This is an easy way to be sure your gate is properly closed and you now have a very good idea of when to keep your pet off the lawn.


Our technicians go in and out backyards in Winnipeg over 50,000 times each year with all of the services we provide. Winnipeg also freezes and thaws dozens of times a year cause the ground to heave, sink, and shift. Can you guess what our biggest complaint is? GATES!! Our technicians do their very best to close every gate. This is drilled into them relentlessly. That being said, we encounter every manner of gate security you can think of. Cement blocks, wood blocks, bungee cords, rope, string, and even rubber bands and gift wrap ribbon to secure gates. One of the worst calls we get is that someone has lost their pet because they have invited any one of many services to their property, but don’t bother to check their gate before letting their pet out to play in the back yard. When our technicians visit your property in the summer we always knock on your door after 9am. We also post a sign on your front lawn, and we also leave a notice in your mailbox. We do everything we can to be sure you are aware we have been at your property. Gates shift and move over the year. Please be sure to check your gate before letting your pet out. It’s just a few feet from your door and it’s the surest way to keep your pet safe if you’ve invited any service to attend your property.