At Green Blade, we want to make sure that our customers are well educated when it comes to maintaining their yard.

The following resources are designed to provide insights on how homeowners can care for their lawn and common issues to avoid over the summer months.

Liquid Fertilizer – The Smarter Choice

Years ago, when most companies were using granular fertilizers, we decided to use our own proprietary liquid formulation. While the granular version is less bulky, easier to store and takes up less shelf space, science and technology have shown us that liquid has distinct advantages when it comes to application. READ MORE

Aeration Gets to the Root of Your Lawn Problems

Aeration is the process of making finger-sized holes in your lawn and depositing the removed material on the surface to break down. This reduces compaction, extends the life of your lawn, and allows fertilizer, water, and oxygen to get to the roots where they are needed most. READ MORE

Professional Lawn Care

Lawn care professionals share a basic goal – improve the quality of our lives and the quality of our environment. Training, education, careful product selection and proper application allow lawn care professionals to improve our landscape for the benefit of people, pets and the environment. Turf areas under professional care are denser and healthier, helping to improve and protect the quality of our environment. READ MORE

What are Chinch Bugs?

Tens of thousands of Winnipeg homeowners suffer serious lawn damage due to chinch bugs – destructive little insects, capable of wiping out entire lawns in a matter of weeks. Chinch bugs suck the juice out of grass blades and inject a toxin into the plant while doing so, slowly killing the grass. READ MORE

Watering and Sun

By now, your lawn growth will have started to slow. Slower growth means slower recovery and repair when damage occurs. It also means less resistance to stress from insects, diseases and heat. On the other side of this brochure, we’ve recommended a cutting height of 4 inches. READ MORE