At Green Blade, we want to make sure that our customers are well educated when it comes to maintaining their yard.

Professional Lawn Care

Lawn care professionals share a basic goal – improve the quality of our lives and the quality of our environment. Training, education, careful product selection and proper application allow lawn care professionals to improve our landscape for the benefit of people, pets and the environment. Turf areas under professional care are denser and healthier, helping to improve and protect the quality of our environment.

Improving Air Quality

Healthy turf cools our air, produces oxygen and reduces the global greenhouse effect by absorbing CO2 and airborne pollutants.

Improving Water Quality

  • Good soil/turf bonding prevents the loss of precious topsoil, slowing runoff and trapping soil particles that fill and spoil our waterways.
  • Dense turf filters and returns surface water to ground water supplies.

Environmental Testing And Registration

  • Before a lawn product is brought to market it must undergo extensive research and environmental testing, often 10 years or more.
  • PMRA review and registration is required for lawn care products before they are made available to the public or professional. These products encounter the same kinds of tests that health, drug and agricultural products do.
  • Professional turf products are biodegradable. Sunlight, water and soil organisms rapidly break them into basic elements.

Safety Record

  • Accidents, spills and improper applications on home lawns are shared concerns of homeowners and professionals alike. As an industry, lawn care companies have a strong safety record.
  • Use of a professional lawn care service increases safety to homeowners and their children by eliminating the need to choose, transport, handle, mix and store pesticides.

…about our community

Lawn care professionals share a community’s concern over issues of safety, security, aesthetics, and the quality of life. Professional care of our home lawns, commercial properties, athletic fields and play areas can have many positive benefits:

Residential Areas

  • A beautiful lawn is immediately pleasing to the eye and relaxing in appearance, while acting to reduce the sun’s glare.
  • The front lawns of a block of eight average houses have the cooling effect of 70 tons of air conditioning.
  • Homes with well-kept lawns realize 7-15% higher selling prices.

Public And Recreation Areas

  • Athletic fields and parks are safer places to play when dense turf is maintained to provide a cushion against injury.
  • Public park areas and open spaces planted in grass provide sites for informal recreation in a cost-effective manner.
  • Well maintained public turf areas encourage a positive attitude and discourage littering and vandalism.

Commercial/Industrial Areas

  • Green ribbons of managed turf around office and commercial buildings help to absorb sound and reduce noise, plus acts as good fire insurance.
  • Grass areas can be as much as 30 degrees cooler than sidewalks or parking areas on a hot summer day. Many communities require a balance of turf and paved areas in commercial developments.
  • Short grass areas can increase visibility around buildings, offering greater security.

Community Service

Service is the cornerstone of professional lawn care. Many companies are involved in community betterment activities, such as recycling programs, community clean-up days, youth sports and children’s charities.

Helping Our Environment

  • Each acre of turf helps improve our environment in ways that almost nothing else can: absorbing CO2, producing oxygen, absorbing dust and soot, preventing erosion, filtering and returning surface water to ground water supplies.
  • Professional care of turf areas enhances our environment and our lives in many ways. Together, Lawn care professionals and communities can work to improve the quality of our lives.