Residential Services

Making your yard look its best begins and ends with quality services.

Weekly Cutting

A Cut Above the Competition

A thick, healthy, weed-free lawn is a standout in any neighbourhood, but landscaping can be a huge time investment. Leave your lawn to us. From cutting your yard to its optimal height to increase moisture retention and turf thickness to fertilizing and weed control programs that keep your yard looking great, a healthy looking lawn starts and ends with us.

Spring Cleanup

The most important step in creating a beautiful lawn is the spring cleanup.  This is performed as soon as we are able to get on the lawn without damaging it.  The spring clean up will help your lawn to maximize use of moisture, lawn care products, air, and sunlight.  It will reduce the need for watering, improve drought tolerance, improve colour and thickness, and minimize disease and insect damage.

Your Spring Cleanup includes all of the following:

  • Thorough power raking
  • Preliminary cut
  • Trimming
  • All leaves are removed from under shrubs, bushes, and trees
  • All debris is blown out of flower beds
  • All sand will be removed from the boulevard
  • All sand and debris will be removed from the driveway and sidewalks
  • All debris will be removed from the lawn (twigs, leaves, garbage, etc.)
  • All debris and clippings are hauled away (no bags will be left on the driveway) and composted


Note: Spring cleanup is not available an individual source, and must be ordered with weekly property maintenance.

Weekly Property Maintenance

Includes all of the following:

  • Lawn cutting and trimming
  • All debris will be removed from the driveway
  • All debris will be removed from the lawn (twigs, leaves, garbage, etc.)
  • All debris and clippings will be hauled away (no bags will be left on the driveway) and composted

Optional a la Carte Services:

Preferred day of the week

Weekly lawn maintenance takes place on the day of your choice.* When weather prevents us from doing so, your service will be carried out the next day or as soon as the inclement weather subsides.


Cutting FAQs

Q: Can I skip cuts?

A: No. On occasion, conditions can become dry during the summer. However, we do not skip cuts. During dry conditions you should be watering your lawn.  It is impossible to know which customers have decided to water and which ones haven’t. It is also critical that we maintain stable sales in order to deliver the reliable service you expect.  We do not discriminate between periods of excessive growth in the spring, from periods of slower growth in the heat of the summer. This insures that prices, and service, remain stable rather than fluctuate based on the number of bags of grass we remove each week. The price remains constant and works out to an average.  There’s little question that in the spring months, we are performing far more work than in the summer and fall months. As the grass growth slows in the summer, our profit margins increase to compensate for the lower margins we made in the spring and early summer.

Q: I’m having some tree work and/or landscaping done in my yard this week. Can I get my lawn cut on a different day this week or cancel this week’s cut?

A: Yes. We will make every effort to service your property on a different day if required. However, If you opt to cancel your cut we do expect to be paid for it as it will take extra effort and time to cut the extra growth the following week.

Q: I’d like to make some changes to my service. Should I simply tell the technician?

A: No. While we love our staff and they may be excellent workers, all too often they’re distracted by the task at hand. Messages from customers are sometimes forgotten or misunderstood. Please call our office to update any service changes to ensure that the next person who attends to your property has the correct information.

Q: I’m not happy with the way my lawn was cut? Will you come back and recut it?

A: Yes. If our technician didn’t perform an acceptable job, we would be all too happy to make things right. However, we do request that you call us within 48 hours of your weekly lawn service.

Q: Why do you cut my lawn at 3.5″ for most of the season?

A: There are several reasons why we cut grass to that length, including improved colour, thickness and density, new growth, less watering, deeper roots better drought tolerance and a better resistance to insect damage and disease.
Weekly lawn maintenance begins one to two weeks after your spring cleanup. Maintenance is performed by uniformed personnel and will continue, depending on conditions, until the first week of October.