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Wayne W.

On Saturdays and Sundays when all of my neighbours are wasting their days off mowing their lawns, I kick back in my yard, sip my iced tea and enjoy the lawn that Green Blade built!

Pam D.

Just want to thank you and your staff for a job well done! Our yard always looks beautiful and so does our street, since you do so many of our neighbours!

Eilene P.

I really appreciate the work that you do. My lawn has gone from almost dead to healthy and green in just two years. Thanks!

Board of Directors, Renaissance Condominium

Green Blade has done an outstanding job, returning our lawn to good health in less than one year. Their knowledge and skill is evident in everything they do, from spring clean up, to weed and insect control, and even adjusting the height of weekly cuttings to match the seasonal conditions. The professionalism and dependability displayed by the entire Green Blade team has resulted in our lawn once again being lush and green.

Janet M.

We tried the new Fiesta program in 2014 and our lawn never looked better! It was dandelion-free and the dark green colour was beautiful!

Shelly Z.

I’ve never used the word ‘luxurious’ to describe our lawn before using the Fiesta program. Our lawn was thick, green, and healthy. The effect has been truly remarkable.