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Should I mulch or bag my clippings?

The answer to this question depends on how much time you have to dedicate to your lawn. Mulching is the better way to go. Mulching returns nutrients to the soil regularly and evenly. However, mulching must be done properly! During periods of excessive growth, your lawn may need to be cut as often as three times a week! If you are mulching your lawn and notice the clippings on the surface of the lawn, you are well on your way to a mess of problems. To mulch correctly you must cut the clippings into small enough pieces that they fall into the lawn. You should not see any clippings on the lawn. If you do, the clippings are not being cut into small enough pieces. They will not break down fast enough, and will begin to accumulate in the lawn and form a thick layer of thatch very rapidly. These are prime conditions for diseases and insects to ravage your lawn. Most people today lead busy lives. The bagging mower saves time, but it comes at the cost of removing nutrient-rich clippings from the lawn. If you do use a bagging mower, try to compost the clippings. It is estimated that as much as 25% of our landfill is being filled by grass clippings. Whenever your local “Leaf it to Us” disposal site is open, please try to take your clippings and leaves there.


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