At Green Blade, we want to make sure that our customers are well educated when it comes to maintaining their yard.

Liquid Fertilizer

The Smarter Choice

Years ago, when most companies were using granular fertilizers, we decided to use our own proprietary liquid formulation. While the granular version is less bulky, easier to store and takes up less shelf space, science and technology have shown us that liquid has distinct advantages when it comes to application.

Granular fertilizers are synonymous with the term slow release. Nutrients are released over weeks or even months depending on conditions. They also depend heavily on soil temperature and moisture to work properly. During dry conditions, granules all but cease to release nutrients. The only way nutrients are released is by a good rain or watering. This results in sudden and unpredictable spurts of nutrient release.

Liquid fertilizer on the other hand, goes to work the second it hits your lawn and continues working regardless of conditions. During dry periods, when growth and nutrient uptake slows, liquid fertilizer remains readily available within the soil and in the plant where it continues to feed the lawn.

Misapplications with granular fertilizer are extreme and all too common. If you’ve had a granular fertilizer company service your lawn, you’ve witnessed the waste firsthand. Granules end up in flower beds, on sidewalks and driveways and in the street, where they eventually get washed down storm drains, which flow, untreated, into our rivers, lakes and streams. In contrast, liquid fertilizer is accurate because it’s applied precisely where it’s supposed to be. As a result, it’s safer for the environment.